The male in this species have a diagnostic characteristic which is a yellow eyering, in the female the ring is whitish and elliptical. The female can be mistaken with Black-throated Trogon but this one have a narrow barring in the tail.

A habitat generalist ranging from sea level to 1,400 meters, Gartered Trogons inhabit a variety of primary forest types as well as forest edge, plantations, mangroves and even clearings with scattered trees, where it prefers the canopy. 

A cavity nester, the Gartered Trogon utilizes wasp nests as well as termitaria, ant nests and other easily excavated substrates.  

In Costa Rica it is the most widespread species of trogon been common in wet lowlands and foothills in both slopes, it is a bit less common in dryer areas where Black-headed Trogon is more common.

Gartered Trogon feeds on insects, larvae, other small creatures and fruit, the larvae usually taken from hives, as well it can perchs close the wasp nest and pick wasp on flight.

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