Probably the most abundant trogon in Costa Rica, it can be find in both slopes from sea level to 1,200 meters. Both male and female are quite easy to distinguish, the males combination of green head, yellow bill and breast are diagnostic and the female is the only trogon with brown upperparts.

This is one of the easiest trogons to find in the country as it favors lower and middle levels of mature wet forest and adjacent second growth, it can as well be seen in gardens.

Black-throated Trogon feeds on fruit and insects, unlike most trogons this species feeds a lot on insects, actually higher percentage of their diet are arthropods, up to 60 %. Usually trogons are easy to observe and this ain't the exception, they seem lethargic, perching for long periods, with erect posture, before sallying or hovering for food. After capturing an insect, may return to the same perch.

Nests are primarily carved into decaying wood, both parents contribute to making the nest, and then taking care of the young. 

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