This beautiful bird can be find in Costa Rica central and south Pacific. The diagnostic characteristic to recognize the Bairds Trogon is that is the only trogon in the country with an orangish-red bellied and a pale eye ring on male and female (as seen in the pictures), also the tail pattern is unique. This bird is a mature forest inhabitant, so to find it is best to good to nice size extensions of forest within its range, like Carara and Corcovado National Parks. as well it can be find in other sites.

On nesting time is possible to see both male and female working on the nest, using an abandon woodpecker hole, usually at low or middle levels of the forest or adjacent areas. 

Bairds Trogon is mainly a fruit eaters, but has also been observed consuming insects and even small lizards.

As a forest inhabitant the major threats for this bird are deforestation and habitat destruction.

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